Philadelphia Freedom

Since it was spring break, earlier this week my roommates and I drove down to explore Philadelphia for a day. I didn’t know much about Philly before this trip, and was really impressed by how visually interesting the city is, with its mix of historical landmarks and modern urban big-city feel.

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Springtime + Pie

It’s springtime in Providence, with uncharacteristically warm weather and blossoms blooming on the trees. Spring is magical. You know what else is magical? Pie.

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Food and Drink in Dublin

There’s a funny story behind this massive piece of pork. After looking at some restaurant menus online, Eleanor and I decided that we wanted to try coddle, an Irish dish involving sausages and bacon cooked with potatoes, onions, and barley. According to the Wikipedia page on coddle, it was apparently featured in works by James Joyce and was a favourite dish of Jonathan Swift. Anyhow, we went to a pub and ordered the “Ham Hocks with Dublin Coddle”, and ended up getting giant pig legs without a trace of coddle in sight. We definitely weren’t in the place to ask for more food with a plate this large, though. It was still really delicious, if ridiculously decadent.

On the topic of meat and decadence, on our trip to Howth I had a traditional Irish breakfast minus the egg, with sausages, bacon (or rashers), potatoes, toast, a tomato, and most excitingly, black and white pudding. I’d been forewarned about blood pudding, but I found it quite tasty. Read the rest of this entry »


During my stay in Dublin, we took a day trip out to Howth, a suburb/fishing village on the east coast of Ireland, and a twenty-minute train ride away from the city. Despite the typically grey Irish weather, the scenery was full of really beautiful colours, as in these houses.

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I recently visited Ireland for the first time, hanging out with my friend who’s studying at Trinity College in Dublin (above is the campus). One of the things that I liked most about the city is how pedestrian-friendly it is–not to mention tourist-friendly, with street signs everywhere pointing out different places to see. It was a lot of fun to take long walks around the city and stumble upon different sights.

Across the street from Trinity is the Bank of Ireland, which was formerly the Irish Parliament House (hence its elaborate architecture). Below is the Ha’Penny Bridge, one of several pedestrian bridges across the River Liffey connecting the North and South sides of Dublin.

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